About me - Juan Mayorga
Sirius and Luke are Spanish greyhounds or galgos. They were rescued from the streets in southern Spain and adopted by DC resident Rebecca Allen. Galgos are the most commonly used hunting dog in Spain and one of the most persecuted domestic dog breeds on the planet.

My heart and my soul are always underwater. Whether I'm exploring some of the last wild places in the Ocean, frolicking in local surf spots, or plugging away behind a computer tracking fishing vessels and doing data analyses, the Ocean is the reason I wake up every day. Doing everything I can to help make a difference in the way we protect and manage the Ocean, is my vocation. 

I don't believe in silos. I'm a data scientist but also a diver. I'm a photographer but also a researcher. I believe storytelling is the most powerful way to beat apathy, but I also use economics and science to inform conservation policies. I'm optimistic and hopeful that by combining storytelling, technology, and science, we will improve the health of Ocean ecosystems and protect biodiversity, for its own sake and for the benefit and enjoyment of generations to come. 

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